Secret in Their Eyes

Pretty good murder mystery with a lot of interesting twist and turns

Chiwetel Ejiofor was really good. His performance here mimics his performance in Z for Zachariah. Both movies have dark themes, with Secret in Their Eyes being about trying to convict a murderer for the rape and murder of a young woman after the case is 15 years cold, when he slips through their fingers the first time.

Ejiofor plays Ray, an FBI agent determined to find the killer, and he plays it dark with touches of light humor, that allows us to like the character more, even as he juggles his obsession with the case with his attraction to the new DA, Claire played by Nicole Kidman. The relationship between Ray and Claire was done well and made it interesting to watch.

Ejiofor also showcases this balance as he investigates the case with Bumpy Willis, played by Dean Norris of Breaking Bad fame.

Julia Roberts gave a great performance in the film as the mother whose daughter was murdered and also happens to be a fellow FBI investigator. She seem unafraid to glam it down in order to fully get into the character of a grieving mother.

I understand that Secret in Their Eyes was adapted from a foreign film, but without seeing that film, I thought the overall experience of watching this film was great. It’s a good look about what obsession and the need fro redemption can do to you and it was filled with a lot of twist and turns that keep you guessing, like a good murder mystery should.

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