Shark Lake

Dolph Lundgren vs. A Shark! Looks like Sharnado on 4 instead of 11.

As a kid from the 80’s growing up in Lundgren’s prime, I still find the man massive on the screen, especially when he’s not doing a movie that evolves other action heroes, which I have not seen him do in a while.

The big man plays a convicted wild life trafficker trying to make contact with his daughter who’s being protected by a small town sheriff who took her in after he went to jail. Now it seems only Lundgren can stop a shark infestation happening on the lake they all live on. I make it sound more action packed than it really is.

It’s the most original antagonist Lundgren has ever faced. It’s too bad the special effects on his antagonist was so crappy or they could have really had something good here.

It tries to be Jaws but nothing can top that. It rips of Piranha 3D, but at least those movies are not trying to be something they are not.

Although Shark Lake did have it’s fun moments, like a Steve Irwin type who hunts down fish for the BBC, it’s funny for all the wrong reasons.

With that said, It does have a, so bad it’s good, quality to it, and is worth watching just to smile at how horrible it is.

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