Suicide Squad

Definitely One step above Batman v Superman.

If you are a fan of David Ayer, who directed movies like Fury with Brad Pitt,  you’ll enjoy Suicide Squad even more. It moves  like most of his military styled movies, which makes perfect sense for what The Suicide Squad is all about.
He rightfully treats The Squad as a covert black ops team made of low end criminals which is what they are.

Will Smith can do no wrong. He was perfect as dead shoot (That’s right the black man playing the White character was perfect). Will was able to take everything that made him a movie star and transfer it into the Deadshot character (It’s weird  that  out of all the superheroes he could have played, this is the one he chooses)

I did like Harley Quinn’s first appearance on the big screen. It was everything I hoped for and more.
Viola Davis, steps straight out of the comic with a dead on performance as Amanda Waller.

I could go on and on about how the movie selected the perfect cast to play The Suicide Squad, as it was a perfect cast that brought the comic book to life on the big screen. Watching these guys interact was the highlight of the film.

Plus Batman is in it, creating the strong connection in The DC animated Universe.
But like Batman V Superman we are weighted down by a bunch of character backstory that does slow down the pace sometimes stopping everything from progressing, which should not be the case, but give it to Ayer, it does not suffer from this as much as Bats v Supes does. In the long run, the developing of the characters, (All of which, most of the movie going audience may not have herd of) turned out to be good for Suicide Squad, helping to make the bad guys likable.

I will say that for David Ayer’s first real stab at the Superhero genre, it’s very good, but skimps a bit on the superhero (or rather Super villain) part. I don’t know weather it was because Warner Bros. was breathing down his neck about creating a franchise or because it was the first time the director had to do so many special effects. I have seen him do a better job when it comes to drama and tension among teammates.

Plus Jared Leto’s Joker does suffer a little bit from Harley Quinn taking center stage. He just did not seem crazy enough.

So overall, lots of origins stories to get through before getting to the main plot of The Suicide Squad makes for a group of anti-heroes you want to watch, as David Ayer creates an expendable SWAT team similar to his Arnold Schwarzenegger starring film, Sabotage.

Recommend taking a look.



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