Twisted Firestarter

Based on the song by The Prodigy(Via a Novel by Stephen King), back in the day child star, Drew Barrymore stars as the child of two college kids who signed up for experiments that unleashed their mental capabilities, and she was born with those same capabilities and more, and the government wants to cut her open to see what’s ticking .

I can’t believe I’ve never scene this one before,  but herd of it. It’s one of those Semi-horror mostly frighting ideas Stephen King cooked up and was adapted into a film (The one I love above all else (even Pet Cemetery) is Christine).

The idea of Firestarter peaks my interest above all the other films (Except maybe the Running Man), but I can see why I skipped it all these years.

The acting performance in this movie was pretty bad. Lots of strange overacting going on here, which Barrymore can chalk up as being just ten, but what about the other adult cast?

It’s a pretty well known cast too: George C. Scott, Martian sheen, Heather Locklear, and some other faces you may recognize, just did not perform to the standards you would expect. Maybe this film was just a pay check for them?

The movie seems to count on this big action sequence were it earns the title Firestarter. It should have been scarier but everyone was trying too hard to win that Oscar.

Overall, It actually was a strangely touching story (thanks to the overblown cameo of Art Carney and Louise Fletcher) so it does have some redeeming qualities, but you do have to go through a lot of crap to get to it.