So I was at the IFC Center interested in seeing a movie. I could have went for the movie, England is Mine, which is about a young Morrissey before he became famous, but instead I went for Stalker. even though the synopsis for England is Mine was great, I like the one for this foreign Sci-Fi thriller, better.

Three men travel to a post apocalyptic wasteland called The Zone to find a room that suppose to grant three wishes.

I must admit, as a foreign film it has that “not for everyone” vibe to it. It can be slow and dull at times to the point that I’m wiggling in my chair, but I must admit, I like the look of this 1966 Russian film (I’m only guessing it’s Russian, definitely European). I love the long scenes that showcase the post apocalyptic environment. it’s not a sci-fi environment, but the scenery is very well done.

The acting was OK. Sometimes it’s hard to judge when a film is in another language, but I especially like the the one (Well technically one adult) actress in this very low budget film and her interaction with one of the actors who plays her husband. The story is that her husband is a Stalker (still not absolutely sure what the job intels but it sounds like he spies on people for the government), and his wife is not into what he’s doing because it takes him away from her and his sick child (who is a birth defect due to whatever happen in the wasteland).

Overall, the movie felt long but it was worth going thorough because of the imagery. Not disappointed I saw it.

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