Birth of the Dragon

For those of us who still love Bruce Lee

Yeah, it’s the best movie on the planet if you love Bruce Lee like that, but the WWF film is as corny as Monday Nitro.  It has a very old school kung fu feel to it that makes you like it if you are a fan of those badly dubbed masterpieces. Plus it’s about Bruce Lee, the greatest of all time. You can’t help but to cheer when Bruce does one of his feats of strength.

I have to say, I like Jason Scott Lee’s version of Bruce Lee better from Dragon : The Bruce Lee Story, but give this other guy playing Bruce a fair shake. It was a real good character of Mr. Lee that showcases an obnoxious attitude so impervious that it would make the late Great Muhammad Ali take a step back. Birth of the Dragon is also not a biopic. It’s about one specific time in Bruce Lee’s life just before he became famous.

Now I knew that Bruce Lee had issues showcasing his skills because his countrymen back home did not want him to show the White man how to Gentrify the art form, but the guy he faces in the movie, Wong Jack man,  does not ring a bell, and I never herd of this battle before. Not that it really matters cause a movie about Bruce Lee is always about the myth not really the legend.

But anyway, It’s another cool story about  Bruce Lee, that seems more based on the stories we tell rather than the actual man, and the film is built to pay homage to that. Does a cornball job of it.

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