Wolf Warrior 2

Man! that was a kick ass sequel!

Now, no disrespect to Frank Grillo for his part as the main antagonist in this film but he has some big shoes to fill in the size of Scott Adkins, who has his job in the original movie, which he could not possibly fit. Lucky for me Wolf Warrior’s sequel was quite aware of that, so they stuffed the movie with non stop action to make up for it.

This movie moves. Bigger and badder than it’s original,  it was just a constant extreme over and over again. Leng Feng returns, from the first film. The movie starts with him kicking the butts of some dudes disrespecting his fallen comrade’s family. His actions lead to him being discharge from the Chinese military and sent to jail. When he gets out, he decides to live his life in Africa, in a section where Chinese immigration seems to be heavy but so is the war brewing  within this area.

Wolf Warrior 2 puts us right there in the middle of the war, and it was a never stopping maximum overload of an action experience that never lets up, and only the wolf warrior has what it takes to survive an army of mercenaries lead by Grillo that’s been rampaging the area  and save villagers form them.

Like with the first Wolf Warrior, my favorite part is the showcasing of the Chinese army. I know China has an army but I don’t know how it works, not even a modern day fictional version of that set up. Wolf Warriors is the first I’ve ever seen. It’s very different in this combat fighting format versus the kung fu fighting I’m use to seeing. Both Wolf Warrior and Wolf Warrior two show me being a soldier in china is not much different than being a soldier in america, but like I’m saying these movies is the first time anyone really showcase that fact, form what I know.

If you’re looking for the best action film of the year,look no further. You got to see this shit!

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