After Midnight

Fred Olen Ray at his best!

Classic soft core porn straight from the back in the day Skinemax flicks I watched as a kid. The overdone formula of a close loved one dying, forcing a good girl to turn bad in order to find out what happen. in After midnight’s case, it’s a ┬ánews reporter who goes undercover as a stripper to find out who killed her.

Director, Fred Olen Ray does not pretend he’s making a work of art, and by doing so he creates the perfect Soft-core mesh, blending the weak story in with the needless nudity, which there is a lot of.

I will give some credit to the archetype story being told her. It’s actual above average thanks to an interesting twist in the mystery plot.

It’s not boring plus they’re is a lot of variety of nude bodies in it. It will definitely do!

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