Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

I loved the previous DragonBall Z theatrical released, Battle of the Gods, so I was happy to catch this in at my local theater.

I think I prefer the movie versions of Dragon Ball Z, than the show. Don’t kill me DBZ fans, but with the movies I get all the action without the wait. I’m an impatient geek who can’t wait six to seven episodes to see the action. and the movies bring the action fast.

And the action on this was dope. I got to see people like Piccolo and Kuririn getting into real fights, Something I have not seen in a long time since the DBZ foes are far too powerful for them to face.

The return of Freeza was epic. My favorite villain in the Dragon Ball spectrum. Brings me back to my boyhood when I was a huger anime freak.

Speaking of which, this movie is perfect if you are an anime fan. It was just so much fun to watch. Just like with Battle of the Gods it’s a who’s who in the DBZ world, and just like Battle of the Gods the movie strangely develops the one-dimensional protagonist Goku by poking fun at his drive to become more powerful.

Plus I like the animation itself more with less computer generated images blending into the 2D style, than with Battle of the Gods

Makes me need to go back and watch the whole series over again.

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