I was expecting something a little more mind blowing but I did not get that
The movie started off really cool with this hard science scene of the world coming together to build the space station and the station becoming the city of a thousand planets. I’m a sucker for rally good hard science both technical and social.
It was enough to get me exited for the rest of the movie , but the rest of the movie falls short in my book
It looks great but the action was lackluster I did not like the main characters.
It’s like Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2. The second one does not hold a candle to the 1st. Although this movie is not a sequel to any thing, I can compare the pic to Luc Besson’s other work since that was a big promotional tool for Valerian. Other work like the Fifth Element which this movie really reminds me of. ┬áDoes not pack a punch
So good but not great.

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