Jagga Jasoos

A great Bollywood adventure, so much fun and well done.

Great story.

So I saw on the poster that the movie was distributed by Disney, yet within the movie I saw no Disney Logo. The movie did begin with a scene at some amusement area that showed everything that is Disney from Mickey Mouse to Spider-Man.

It does put you in the mood for the movie. A little different from what I’m use to seeing from other Bollywood films the music that starts the flick is of a completely different tone, sounding more like the stuff from animated features Disney makes, but they did have some more traditional tunes as the film goes on, and I have to admit the tunes were very catchy So it’s like Tin Tin meets Indiana Jones (Which is interesting as Raiders of the Lost is thought to be a rip off of Tin Tin to the French people who saw the similarities at the time). This Jagga is a kid with a speech problem that the man he calls his father fixes by getting the kid to sing songs, in a plot device that completely makes sense in a Bollywood feature. He grows up to be quite a good detective and uses theses skills to tracked down his dad, who was force to leave a long time ago.

A lot of Jagga’s story is told through a young woman who helps a group of children perform the story of Jagga’s life which she eventually enters. A bit of a surrealist style when it comes to telling it, gives you that fairy tale feel.

I like how the movie moves and the pace it takes. A lot of that has to do with the visuals, it’s a very vibrant and colorful film.

Like the adventure. It was a lot of fun. At times it did seem to get a little too long with an ending that’s trying to match that of the last Lord of the Rings movie, just when you though it was over, it keeps going, but overall, It’s a tale that’s made to be a classic and it just looks amazing. It’s one of my favorite Bollywood films.


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