Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

It’s interesting.
It’s possibly been 30 years since I seen it, yet I remember it on a scene by scene basis like I saw it yesterday. I don’t remember the dialog, but I remember what every scene looks like.
My guess is that because I was a single digit when I 1st saw it, it easily frighten me enough to get burned in my memory.
So, Halloween 4 attempts to milk as much money out of Micheal Myers as they can, and I say Micheal Myers because the 3rd installment of the Halloween franchise had nothing to do with him, and I just discovered they made six of these things. Wow! I knew about the fifth one. I remember they advertise that Big Mike would take off his mask and show his face in it. I never knew about the 6 one. My guess is that number 5 was so bad that 6 was barely straight to video (More like straight to nowhere).
Micheal Myer’s Sister, Laurie (Played by a picture of Jamie Lee Curtis) had a daughter appropriately named Jamie. (Curtis possibly gave a hard decline to doing this ), and basically Mike was cool with just chilly at the home for the criminally insane when he thought all his living relatives were dead, but while being shipped to a new home someone let it slip that strode had a daughter and he was like “I gots to kill her”.
I’m spending too much time on the plot after all Halloween H20 basically wiped out this story line.
Donald Pleasense returns (As the paycheck worked for him?). After his battle with big Mike, he’s not in the best shape and despite his credentials as a doctor people are treating him like he thinks he’s captains Ahab and the dude It the Capitan Kirk mask (did you know that?) is his white whale.
One of the things that I grew to love (something that ironically H20 made me feel) was the full on concept that Mike Myers was a human being. Just so Bat shit crazy that he feels no pain and has that insane in the meinbrane strength to him.
I think this movie made the mistake of trying too hard to turn those pychoman powers into something superhuman. This would put him on the same level as Jason and Freddy (but if you ask any horror fan they would say that he was already a level
Above just by starting the genre they dwell in)
It was those feats of strength that made some of the death scenes kinda dumb.
Also felt the pace of suspense was not good enough. The problem with a lot of horror sequels is that they can act more like an action movie than a horror film. After all it’s true what they say about monsters becoming less and less scary when you create a sinero when you want to root for them to kill.
My guess is that Halloween 4 did not fare so well with fans otherwise H2o would not have taken it out of continuity. For me I remember it warmly as a decent movie. The big problem is that the decency comes only from the fact that the Michaël  Myers from the 1st film
Is not this mike Myers who far too well fits the monster on the outside that we was on the inside. Yet I still liked it, especially the surprise twist at the end which should have been what the next Halloween movies were about but the world I think was not ready (maybe they are now?).

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