Thrilling crime drama, that can be too complex.

It’s one of those movies that Bruce Willis is “staring” in. His face is all over the poster. Too bad he’s not in the movie as much. He took a paycheck for 2 weeks of work and 20mins of screen time.

I would think that having Christopher Meloni, Dave Bautista, and Adrian Grenier in the movie would be enough to attract attention, but I guess it’s not enough to get the movie in the theaters.

Meloni leads the cast as an FBI agent searching for some bank robbers that seem focus on steeling money from Bruce Willis, who owns the banks they been targeting.

Bautista and Grenier are on Meloni’s team as they investigate a tangled web of corruption from the bank, local law enforcement and even the military.

It’s a compelling thriller that keeps moving despite all the obstacles in Meloni’s way.

If you were a fan of Meloni back when he was on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit than you’ll love this movie.

Especially with the great Dave Bautista as his partner. It’s mostly him talking but he gets to do a little action as well.

It was a good role for Adrian Grenier. He plays a rookie fed who’s given a hard time by Bautista, but slowly shows them just how bad ass he really is.

The only problem with the story is that it is too complicated. In their attempt to be smart they just end up being confusing with a story with far too many sub sub stories that get all jumbled together.

Overall, however the movie works with some standout characters played by some well known actors that keep you focus.

Definitely a good watch.

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