The ReZort.



Interesting twist on the zombie movie.


First off, one of two movies I seen that happens at the end of the Zombie apocalypse. The other one being the Returned, which is about a limited cure for those who were zombies, another interesting premise.


So at the end of this zombie apocalypse a woman takes the last remaining zombies to an island where she opens up a resort that rich people got to go hunt the undead, but of course this goes wrong, horribly. Ah, the fun thing about horror movies is that no one ever learns their lesson. It’s like what I’m telling you is told in the first six mins of the movie and I already knew where this story was going. It’s like Jurassic World only with zombies.


The movie does not particular say when the apocalypse ended and there are some hunters on the team who are fairly young, I’m guessing young enough not to remember the terror of zombies coming at you relentlessly.

Dougray Scott who stars in the film was actually up to play Wolverine. In fact, it was a scheduling conflict with his role as the villain in Mission Impossible 2 prevented him from doing it. Watching this movie made me see why the wanted him. He has so many wolverine moments it’s ridiculous.


Mostly those are the highlights of the movie, a unique premise and Scott making us wonder what the X-men movies could have been like. Other than that the formula is just right, with a group of people  trying to get off an island where the zombie’s go loose one them, before they go Return of the Living Dead on them (Don’t know what I mean? Only way to find out is to see Return of the Living Dead. It’s worth your wild).

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