The Beguiled

Oh wow! A Sophia Coppola movie. That does make It even more interesting and makes more sense about how a mundane story was done so masterfully.

So Collin Ferrell plays a Yankee soldier wounded on the battlefield and somehow makes his way to a house filled with southern belles who Nurse him back to Heath.

This situation gets complex when it’s obvious that these belles had not had the company of a man in a long while and the wounded soldier takes advantage of that with fucked up effects.

It’s a tale as old as time. I can’t blame the character of John McBarney for it either. It’s like he goes to the house and you can tell the head of the house, played by Nicole Kidman was not having it. She’s a good Christian woman loyal to the South, and got her head on straight, but John McBarney’s one of these soldiers who has no side he just did it for the money, so he’s not all that eager to get back in the mix, especially when you have a house of women who are all about you, so he tries his luck with Kirsten Dunst who plays one of these chicks who, back in those days is considered an old hag because she’s not married yet. A few I love yous and some gardening work and it seems like he’s in there, right? Only problem is Elle Fanning, whose young, hot and very very forward. Now, the smart thing to do would be to leave them hoes alone altogether, but I must admit, Men are not smart, especially in this situation, and when there is a chance he can settle down with the old hag and still get a little piece from young, hot and very very forward, but this dude paid a big price thinking with his little head–He lost his mind, thanks to an accident that would cost him dearly and send him into a drunken spiral that will make these “Vengeful Bitches!!” as he called them do something drastic to get him out of the house.

So the movie is a strange set up as it does end very dramatically, but it does not do it with a dramatic flair that you would expect. The tone of the movie was this same slow pace burn all the way and it never changes
And you know what!? Perfect! Because the slow burn only points out more just how fucked up the whole situation became, and I do mean fucked up. It’s a situation where I find it hard to feel sorry for the main character or sadden for him (And Ironically I would have tried the same shit, even now after seeing the film). It just is what it is, overall. sometimes you roll the dice and get snake eyes.

This slow burn makes it hard to get into but it so works for me.

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