Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Turns out it’s not a horror movie

Number 6 takes a completely different turn in film genres When a distant cousin of the inbreeds comes to inherent a hotel they try to convince the orphan to give up his failed life as a Wall Street type who had a nervous breakdown and join the fam.

Similar to the turn that Rob Zombie did from House of a Thousand Corpse to it’s sequel the Devils rejects, the inbreed family develops too much character and back story and the movie becomes more about them than who they are hunting, which completely changes the whole franchise but not in the good way that Fast Five changed the Fast and the Furious franchise from criminals car racing to a heist movie. Not enough murders are happening in the flick, it’s mostly just craziness that comes off stupid.

I will give the movie credit as it had one kill scene that was the sickest I’ve seen in years, so wicked it gets a lot of overall cool points from me, but I would see if you can find the thing on Youtube rather than watch the hole movie to see it.

As part of a franchise it’s officially my least favorite, on its own, it doesn’t work cause it’s too much about the franchise.


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