Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

Taking place at the mountain man festival, a rip off of burning man and Lollapalooza, that celebrates a massacre that took place 100 years or so before the events of the original movie in the same woods, a group of kids make a wrong turn in a car accident that pays homage to the first movie and officially begins the hunt of the inbreed slashers, who take advantage of the stupid kids wearing freak mask so they can do their work out in the open.

A few lines of dialog officially make this a direct sequel to the last film, Bloody beginnings, and it’s the most disappointing of the franchise.

Unlike the other movies it falls into far too many clich├ęs of the slasher film and is far less original.

Ironically this makes it a pretty good film on its own as we watch stupid young kids getting taken down and some of the death scenes are nicely violent and stretched out as the inbreeds played with their food.

Overall, Number 5 in the franchise is really to generic and put together too by the numbers to be anything too interesting.

You can skip.

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