So this is not the movie I signed up to see. This is the second time I went to the AMC and this happen. Basically, I was going to see something else and then I happen to stumble onto the poster for Shockwave. Though the movie was right for promising me Andy Lau as a cop going up against a pretty bad ass bad guy, the poster consisted of the what looked like a Sci-Fi picture. Guy in a space suit on a moon rock with a planet in the background as well as a space station/city. My guess is that there is another movie called Shockwave that the poster belongs to, or the mandarin title to this movie could be getting confused with the Cantonese title of the movie (Strange how that happens cause it’s all Chinese to me). I do think it’s weird that a large movie theater chain like AMC would actually make this “I got the pic from the internet” like mistake.

That’s OK, the movie was right about Andy Lau being in it as a cop, so losing the Sci-Fi element was not too bad. Lau plays the head of the bomb dismantling division of the police who goes undercover to infiltrate a group of robbers who use bombs. This gang’s careless actions when life is concern made this cop take drastic measures to bring them down. Because of this, the bad guy seeks revenge from this cop by taking his hostage negotiation to get his brother back very personal.

And the bad guy for this movie was really bad ass. Just that right touch of evil that only makes the good guy that is Andy Lau look better.

A very instance thriller that’s very action packed, but there was also a sub story about Andy Lau’s character finding love with a school teacher. It’s rare that I’ve seen people kissing in Chinese Cinema. Maybe I’m watching the wrong movies, but I’ve seen Chinese action movies in which the lead star has girlfriends or wives, but they never touch each other, and even though I grew up in America were our action heroes go beyond touching the leading ladies, it was odd to watch Lau give so very long and romantic kisses to his leading lady.

But as interesting as that was, first and foremost , this was a great action movie from beginning to end. Worth seeing.