Enter the Warriors Gate

For what it was I liked it just fine.
Especially like Dave Bautista as the villain in this movie. Bautista’s proving to be a very entertaining guy. Not on the level of The Rock just yet when It comes to wrestlers turn actors but definitely someone I will look out for if he’s in a movie.

The warriors gate is the wishful fantasy of all gamers. That the skills they required while putting in long hours in front of a game screen could possibly pay off in real life. Of course we don’t want gamers going around mimicking Grand Thief Auto or thinking combat from your couch playing Call of Duty is as real as real combat.

Which is why the movie used a backdrop of ancient China (That and the movie was backed by Chinese mula). It’s a classic game plot of a young hero having to though the Terran, battle an army of warriors, and get to the last master in order to save the princess and free her world, and the movie plays out like a group of geeks talking about the stereotypes of video games on some YouTube video.

Aiding this gamer is a Chinese Kung Fu warrior breed Form birth to protect the princess and a wizard who gives you special potions and stuff along the way. Both of these characters are actually greatly underused in this film to. The movie holds a resemblance to 2008’s the Forbidden Kingdom, which also under uses it’s primary characters(Those characters being played by superstars Jackie Chan and Jet Li). I would actually recommend seeing that movie over this one.

The best part of the Eneters the Warriors Gate is the relationship between the gamer and his Kung fu master guide. The gamer is suppose to be a fish out of water, but mostly the movie is about the gamer trying to loosen up his uptight warrior friend. Like I said the film’s whole persona is basically geeks talking about the basics of every game.

Just OK, but Jackie Chan and Jet Li did do it batter a few years ago in The Forbidden Kingdom. The action and adventure escalates perfectly like a game getting more difficult, but at times it does get far too long as it’s a lot of talk that does not seem to end when it should, but it’s worth taking a look just to see Bautista’s perfect cartoon villainy.