Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

It was awesome! a lot funnier than the first movie but not the action adventure the original was.

Don’t get me wrong, Vol 2 is a high adventure worth going to see, but nothing like the one that came before it on the entertainment scale.

You assumed that they got the origin over with in Vol 1 and they can just focus on the Sci-fi space adventure in Vol 2. Under that assumption, I though Vol 2 was going to be a whole lot better, but that’s not the case.

The movie is mostly about the origin of Star Lord played brilliantly by Chris Pratt, with far more funny references about the fact that he has not been to Earth since he was an 80s kid. As we discovered in the last movie he’s half human and half something else and in Vol 2 he discovers his ancestry (And its connection to Kurt Russell starring as his father).

It’s a really exciting film if you are a comic book fan who is familiar with what the story is unfolding, and the visual effects are nice in the film. The Sci-fi was high end as a lot of the alien worlds looked really cool.

And is ridiculously funny. Dave Batista’s character as Drax the destroyer was less destructive and more comedy relief, which was funny to see Batista do. Plus, any character interacting with Baby Groot was the best thing ever. Baby Groot was just too cute.


It’s just that the action in this movie is not as good as Vol 1. It’s like Avengers vs. Avengers: Age of Ultron. Vol 2 gets too personal with the development of the characters and their connection to one another that makes it more like a light hearted comedy, which was really funny and really entertaining, but different than what I was expecting and what made Vol 1 so amazing. It’s like the difference between what they do on an episode of Star Trek (Which is what Vol 2 kind of feels like) vs. what can be done in a Star Trek movie. Both are great, but I am watching a movie

Give props to the James Gunn who returns as the writer and director of this film, but I do see why Marvel has a thing about not hiring a director twice. Just like what Joss Whedon did with the second Avengers movie, Vol 2 was more about the inner turmoil than about them Guarding the Galaxy. So far that only worked out with pure excellence in Captain America: Civil War, possibly because introducing new characters and exploring the relationship between one another took nothing away from the action in Cap 3

I was expecting a Sci-Fi high octane blockbuster, I got a fast past comedy set in space. I’m not mad, it was still a great ride.