An interesting  perspective on alien abductions form my opinion.

I did find that the built up to the point of the movie is not that
integrating. You have to go through a lot to get to the interesting
part of the film (The punchline as I like to call it ) by not fully
convince that sitting in my seat for 90mins for that punchline is worth
seeing the movie for. Some movies are, not this one.

It technically should be that it’s worth seeing Noomi Rapace, for
90mins, but her acting stinks in this. Maybe it was the dialog, maybe
the directing. Whatever it was it just feels flat. Along with Michael
Chiklis, performance. The Two most famous people in the movie perform

A plot similar to Dead pool, a mysterious ground of people kidnap a
mother in order to conduct stress test that are suppose to unlock
something inside her.

The suspense in the film was not killing me, so it’s not worth it.