American Gigolo

Can’t believe I never seen this one. It’s suppose to be an American classic.
Didn’t even recognize Hector Elizondo in the movie. Just so young even with the bald head. Bill Duke even looks fairly different here than what he looks like seven of so years from now when he teams with Arnold Schwarzenegger against the Predator.
Overall, not the best movie I’ve seen. I do like the style of the movie. Feels ahead of its time as the cinematography looks like a movie trying to look like it was made in 1980 vs. a movie made in 1980.
A lot of the movie is kinda cheesy, especially when it comes to the murder investigation.
But note the movie is about what a great leading man Richard Gere is. Same situation with Denzel Washington in The Mighty Quinn, its not about the movie itself but how Richard Gere proves he had the chops to be a movie star. That he did and did well.

And to a great soundtrack that has some Blonde music in it. Give extra points for style.

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