A Dark Song

Not too dark but the song played was ok.

So a mother who lost her child spends a ton of money to hire a man that can help her contact him on the other side.

I love the dude that they got to play this guy. He was like Patton Oswald, but to be taken seriously (Which was hard to do in the fishing hat he wore). It was like he was a occult geek or something. He has that persona of a Trekker for the supernatural.

Not as scary or disturbing as I would expect. Most of the film is more about doing a realistic built up of what it’s like to prepare to communicate with powerful beings from the other side. It’s interesting, but only if you really like that kinda stuff.

It has it’s interesting side watching the story progress, however. It feels like it may have worked better as a comedy on the occult, and ironically it’s seriousness makes it hard to take seriously.

Otherwise,very so built up but fun end.