Below Her Mouth.

I can’t believe I almost past this up.

There is the premise in the title that would suggest this film is right up my alley, but I was not up for it, which only made the movie better when I saw it.

Reminds me of Blue is the Warmest Color, but not as artsy, but in fairness, I feel any film in French seems a little more upscale than others when it really is not. the French language allows them to call Blue is the Warmest color an art house film so that it can be shown at the IFC Center, while Below Her Mouth I saw at an above average Grind house where it’s more like Erotica, and I say Erotica because I saw it in the theater. Back in the day this was the type of movie you saw on Cinemax at midnight in an era when soft-core porn on cable was the only place you can see this stuff.

I always wondered about those simulated sex scenes. This may sound chauvinist, but I always felt that when two women are having simulated sex on the screen it might as well be real sex. Maybe because I have a penis I can figure out how the camera is angled so you can’t see that dude is just dry humping the girl, but I when two chicks are scissoring each other, I can figure out how that’s not real, or (in reality) my head (both of them), just wants to think they have to have sex. “It’s just the price they have to pay as actors, and she’s not bad looking so it’s cool to do”. Plus, I read that CGI was used in Blue is the Warmest Color to simulate sex so I’m sure in this day and age, Below Her Mouth might have done the same thing (Unless it was not in the budget and the girls were like “OK, will take the hit” (Cross fingers on the latter)

Below Her Mouth maybe great soft-core but it is also a well-crafted picture, story wise. It’s about a woman who is the love em and leave em type until she meets a woman who’s engaged to a man and convinces her to have an affair that changes her thinking of monogamy. It was a well laid out love story that had me a little moved afterwards (Emotionally, not…well, that way too).

It’s interesting, at the above average Grind house I saw this in, the room was filled with dudes and just one lady, it’s like I was going to see an action flick or something. After the first sex scene the lady left the theater. Maybe the lesbian love story did nothing for her? or may it was this loud sound coming from her section of the theater. I’m not sure if someone was unzipping their paints or just unwrapping food.

But once again, just want to point out that it was a great story. I loved the lead charter of Dallas. She’s like a man when it comes to picking up women. As a roofer, you can see her catcalling the ladies with the rest of her crew at the construction site, and using corny one-liners to get them at bars, but she breaks up with them like a woman. Being very open and honest with her ladies when she feels the relationship is over, and proving how none of that matters when you’re getting dumped. Plus, I’m starting to think that I do enjoy romantic films that show a true down-to-Earth format of a relationship running its course. In that sense it also mimics Blue is the Warmest Color as well as movies like 9 Songs.

Hot sex, hot girls having hot sex, lots of nudity and the best part, a story with some substance (That mostly happens when the girls are naked). That ticket price was worth it.