The circle.

Interesting message or just propaganda?

I don’t know what to think about The Circle it’s like a series of events. At first, Emma Waston plays a young woman who gets a job at a hybrid of every company that rules the internet.
As the movie progresses her brainwashed fellow employees attempt to “influence” her have more of a social media presence on line. It’s attractive at in the beginning because the superficial society she connected to is making up for the friend she left behind because he’s not connecting online, but she learns harshly the issues with everyone all over the world having access to you.

The movie does kinda lay out everything about social media and being connected online. It does do a pretty good job of trying to balance the good parts and the bad parts of the era we live our lives in. At 1st it seems like a one sided trashing of the fact that no one can put their phones away but that does not seem to be the message the movie is given from my perspective. So it’s a little strange cause it’s not really taking a side just telling a story from a one sided perspective.

Tom hanks was great in this. It’s amazing what a profound actor he is. With just a few words he stole the spot light. Not the type of seasoned performer you want to share the spotlight with, especially when you’re still fresh out the box like Emma Easton and John Boyega, who I’m a big fan of ever since he did Attack the Block many years ago.

Overall, the movie is not really that interesting. Though I like Tom Hanks in this movie he’s not the center of attention and the one that is, is not on that level of acting that she can hold down a movie that’s barely ok to make it better. I’m very indifferent to the goal of the movie that I have little feelings about it.

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