How to Be a Latin Lover

So a funny thing happen to me at the movies. When I went to the Regal they had two versions of the movie showing: One in English Dub one in Spanish dub. Because the Spanish dub was playing first, I went with that. I don’t mind English subtitles.

However, that was not the case. I went into the movie and realized once they started talking that their was not going to be any English subtitles, it was going to be all in espanol. At first I though my (nonexistent) Spanish would be good enough to ride through, cause I knew only a portion of the film takes place in Mexico and the rest in California, Plus the movie had a bunch of american actors so it could not all be in Spanish.

Wrong! I realized this the moment I saw lead actor Eugenio Derbez mouth move as he spoke. I could see him clearly wording in English, even though it was his voice coming out of…him. I knew I would not make it through this so I had to exchange my ticket for that later English dubed show.
Glad I did cause as funny as this movie seemed in Spanish it was laugh out loud hilarious in English. Eugenio Derbez was down right hysterical. He plays Maximo, as a kid, Maximo saw his father work himself to death, so in one of the best lines in the movie, he was looking at a picture of an old billionaire with a young hot wife and told his sister he wants that job, and when his sister explained to him that you have to work hard to become a billionaire he says “not his job…hers”, and the thing about being a a young Latin lover is that he did not have to wait long at all to find an old sugar mama to shack up with, but after 25 years putting in the hard work, she cheats on him and tosses him out on the street  for a younger man (Played by Micheal Cera) and he gets nothing but a hover board for his trouble. Now the…”Seasoned” Latin Lover has to get back on the horse to find a new sugar mamma, but his game is very rusty, and he’s not the young stallion he use to be.  In the meantime, he has to stay with his Sister (Played by the lovely Salma Hayek) and her son who he teaches the game of Latin Loving to (Despite the fact that he’s ten).

Rob Lowe is in the film greatly cast as  another seasoned gigolo trying to do his best to stay fit and attractive to his own cash cow.

How to be a Latin Lover is filled with sight gags that you don’t need to know English at all to understand and get your giggles on, but it’s also filled with great dialog that makes me laugh hard.

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