Little Boxes

Little Boxes made of ticky tacky Little boxes moving to a small town,
where they don’t look the same. T
here’s a black one and a white one and the one they made that’s in-between and these boxes from Brooklyn are having a hard time adjusting to a vastly different way of life.

So the idea of Little Boxes is that Clark Burns, an eleven year old kid from liberated New York moves to Rome…Washington, were he’s one of two black people living there. The other being his father Mack who is also feeling the awkwardness of  being in a place where it seems for a lot of them he’s the only black person they ever met, which brings us to Gina, the White woman pretty much responsible for bringing them there do to her job and is feeling the pressure of not fully understanding the situation.

The social commentary is very subtle, but ringing loud and clear. I actually loved the contrast of Mack hanging with his boys back in Brooklyn (one black one white), and being comfortable to be politically incorrect, then coming to Rome where the slightest miss use of words has the white folks questioning themselves. Although as the movie brings up, Mack also can’t help but to be sensitive to what the town folks think of him.

And I’ll be blunt I did like how the movie from what I saw takes a stab at Feminism vs. Black Lives Matter. Two current hot button topics too Important to clash with one another, but as the movie points out it, does when we are only thinking about our own agendas.

But if I’m selling this to you as a comedy I want to point out that the funniest parts of the movie have nothing to do with any political issue, and everything to do with just very basic family matters type stuff. Moving to a new territory is difficult and the best hi jinks come from the new family in town just trying to deal.

Nice little movie parading some big topics in a light hearted way.


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