Jason Bourne

Good to see Matt Damon back as Bourne, but it seems like Jason Bourne is a more interesting person the less you know about him.

Jason Bourne is back for the forth time in the fifth installment of the Jason Bourne movie franchise, a quiet yet somewhat explosive franchise at that. They don’t put it out their like you would expect a movie franchise to be put out their, keeping with the smart sophisticated tone of this action thriller.

This time around, Bourne discovers more about his past and his father’s link to that past and comes back on the grid to find some answers only to run into a CIA seeking nothing but revenge from what he did to them in his last film, with his elimination.

Paul Greengrass’ attempts to reveal a Little more of Bourne’s mysterious past is not as brilliantly done as the the first trilogy of films. There is a sub plot of Bourne stopping a government plan to stop them from spying on every American whenever they feel like it with an amp that makes it easier to do, that was easy to wrap my head around more than the main plot of Jason Bourne trying to find out what his father had to do with his programming.

Plus, the Bourne movies are known for the techniques that Jason are capable of doing. I don’t know if Damon is getting old or did not have the time to get into shape (but when you look at him, the latter does not seem the case), but he’s not doing the same fighting he was doing in the last movie.

There was a fight scene when Bourne fights one of the villains, played by Vincent Cassel (I love Cassel and he was so good as a CIA assassin who has a bone to pick with Bourne). The fight was pretty bad ass, but not as much gripping, flipping and hard punching that made the other Bourne movies something you want to see.

It does have some pretty good action sequences, that are more foot and car chases other than real good hand-to-hand combat. It’s more dramatic, but looses the educated action movie vibe the franchise had over other espionage movies.

Tommy Lee Jones is in the movie as the head of CIA who has an old school outlook on patriotism and how to protect the government that made him a perfect antagonist for this type of film, that reflect on contemporary issues.

Overall, Jason Bourne is a good movie, and it was good seeing Matt Damon back as Bourne (Although, Damon is one of those movie stars you really like seeing in anything), but I feel the staleness coming with this franchise. They tried to revive it with The Bourne Legacy, but I don’t think that will work. Maybe it’s time to stop milking this cow.

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