I enjoined the film, it’s OK.

So there’s a virus that has been spreading throughout the world and it finally comes to America via a small town in California.

It was a good movie, it could have been better as it was slowed paced and stretched out. Feels like they were trying to get 90mins for something that could have been done under and hour.

Viral spends a lot of time trying to make us believe that something like this could happen, by keeping the whole thing very subtle. I did like their efforts when it came to parts where America was watching as China went through it. Then they altered what sounded like an actual Obama speech to make it look real.

Analeigh Tipton was a personal fav for me in the film. I think she’s cute so it’s my own personal star power that gets me into the seat.

And now that rapper Machine Gun Kelly is doing movies playing mostly himself or guys similar to him. His “character” is that tall skinny tattooed white boy that all the suburban girls go for in order to piss off their dads, but I liked him in the movie. The role he played in the film Nerve was a lot better for him. This is more proving that he can act (sort of)

Showing the monster in this movie turned out to be pretty corny. They have these scenes in which the main characters are poking around an infected’s neck trying to figure out a way to remove the parasite, which gives you the willies, cause it does look like something nasty you could find on your own body, and when we see the thing it’s not that it was not impressive and horrifying…at first, but it gets corny.

Overall, the movie was a quiet run around, that is interesting while your watching it, but leaves you with nothing afterwards.

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